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Superman Man Of Steel Demolition Claw General Zod 3. 75 Inch Action Figure

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Man Of Steel Demolition Claw General

Man Of Steel Demolition Claw General is an excellent Superman action figure. It weighs close to 0.5 lbs. To take advantage of the great deal I found, visit our partners via the link.

Mattel Toys

MPN: Y0791
UPS: 746775188856

Kids can play out the iconic moments inspired by the new film"Man of Steel"with this assortment of heroes and villains. Each and each and every sold separately, subject to availability. Includes 1 figure and 1 accessory. Sized extra big, these tools showcase Superman's spectacular strength and fearless battling potential. 75-inch figure carries an accessory that attaches to its hand. Ages 4 and older. Superman features various suits and armor for many several looks, and each 3.


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