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Justice League 4 3/4 Action Figure: Superman Figure

Justice League 4 3/4 Action Figure: Superman4 Star Rating
Justice League 4 34 Action Figure SupermanJustice League 4 34 Action Figure Superman Figure Image 1
Justice League 4 3/4 Is Really A Perfect Gift Idea For Children

Permit me to reveal to you this great Superman action figure called made by Toys. Among the many best attributes for this figure is the justice league mission vision action figure from mattel. Additional features include things like for ages 4 and up and includes figure and display base!. Is that going to really help make your child content? Articles are the perfect to gain specifics about both the price and quality pertaining to everything. Having a review you will learn information related to merchandise from people young and old who've bought these items previously, the pros and cons and what genuine customers found in their purchase. You may learn about the experiences a person's kid had with the product. How to buy a Justice League 4 3/4 , visit the link below.

justice league action figure superman part

Today's Price: $8.97

In this figure, part of a series according to the Justice League television program, Superman looks just as strong and brave as ever. When all Justice League heroes are placed on their stands, the stands spell out"Justice League. Fortunately Superman is rescued (there's a switch) by a tiny plastic stand generating use of a peg that is inserted into his foot. His torso is so muscular that he looks as if he may have swallowed a tiny economic climate car, a Ford Fiesta perhaps. From the waist down, however, he's truly really slender with tiny feet that make standing almost impossible."A three-image trading card is also included and can be inserted behind the figure. Although the design of the piece stays true to the look of that show, longtime Superman fans may possibly find the Man of Steel's proportions to turn into a bit alarming. --Charlie Williams

  • Includes Figure and Display Base!
  • Justice League Mission Vision action figure from Mattel
  • For Ages 4 and Up
  • Count: 1
  • Package: Height: 2.2" Length: 12.2" Width: 4.57"
  • Package Weight: 0.35 lbs.

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