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Dc Universe Classic Superman Figure With Collector Button

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Dc Universe Classic Superman Figure

Dc Universe Classic Superman Figure is an excellent Superman action figure. I feel you will love that it has got superman comes with a collector button - complete your dc comics 75th anniversary collection. Other features include for ages 4 and up. It weighs close to 0.44 lbs. To take advantage of the great deal I found, visit our partners via the link.

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Model: 0027084831191
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Package Quantity: 1

The final survivor of the doomed planet Krypton, Superman is the world's most effective hero, and the living personification of truth, justice, and the American Way. Standing 7"tall, the Man of Steel is ready to defend your collection from any and all villains. Blister card packaging. Based in Metropolis, Superman is not just a hero for that glittering city; he is really a hero for the total world. Now, Superman is ready to take flight with the DC Heroes Wave 13: Superman Action Figure.


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