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Dc Superheroes Justice League Unlimited: Superman

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Dc Superheroes Justice League Unlimited

I suggest you give your children a Dc Superheroes Justice a splendid figure made by Mattel. I certainly loved that the product has each authentic replica of a justice league superhero has articulated waist, neck, legs, arms and shoulders. Other highlights include things like justice league unlimited dc superheroes. Shopping for Dc Superheroes Justice , add to cart by clicking the link below.


Model: J2012
UPS: 027084302875
Package Quantity: 1

Series 5 of DC Superheroes action figures by Mattel includes Superman related characters. Superman is actually a very detailed 6"scale action figure from Mattel. Every single figure includes character specific accessories is complete posable and is packaged inside a clamshell design. The"S"on the chest is red and yellow.


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